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Catalina Macaw Art Glass Award
Catalina Macaw
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Our Macaw series derives its inspiration from the brilliant color combinations of these popular parrots.

We use a glass threading technique then add individual bubbles along the feathered coils.

The Catalina Macaw is a hybrid pairing of the Blue/Gold and Scarlet Macaws.

The Blue/Gold being held by Mason in the last image below is by far the most popular of these large birds with its sweet temper and affectionate nature.

The Scarlet Macaw is the best known for its brilliant colors. It also enjoys the distinction of being the longest serving companion to humans dating back to the Incas in 1,100 AD.

The offspring of these two birds, the Catalina, is a standout because it's bred exclusively for the dynamic colors produced by this unique pairing.

A friend and I were driving the Hana Highway on the island of Maui one day when we spotted a fence with a variety of parrots perched on a gate.

We stopped to take pictures when their handler appeared from behind a hedge. He told us they were professionals with a variety of Hollywood film credits.

He offered us an opportunity to get up close and personal with these celebrities which Mason agreed to: see image to the left.

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