SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Rainbow Sherbet Mercury Art Glass Award
Rainbow Sherbet Mercury
Item No. 2084

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Our beautiful sherbet glass is inspired by the refreshing dairy confection that takes the edge off a hot summer.

By comparing the modeling image below to the glass colors used to create the vase you can easily mistake
it for the real thing.

Sherbet is a product that has been enjoyed for centuries throughout Europe and Asia in a variety of forms.

In America, sherbet is a fruit flavored frozen dairy product with 2% butterfat while sorbet is fruity, without the dairy, similar to Italian Ice.

In Turkey, the person responsible for preparing and serving Sharbat is called a Serbetci.

On their backs they carry a large brass flask with a long nozzle called an ibrik with the drinking glasses held in a sash.

Serbetci serve their sharbat by bending forward and filling a glass from a nozzle curved over their shoulder.

In the rural areas of Turkey a groom's family arrives at the bride's house once the dowry is agreed to bringing an ibrik of Sharbat for the future bride to drink as a sign of the grooms acceptance.

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