SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Nation Star Custom Art Glass Award
Nation Star Custom
Item No. 2086

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This Nation Star custom sculpture was created for a travel event in Laguna Beach, California.

Nation Star provided the event graphic (see 4th image on the left) and our studio covered the costs of the color tests.

We reproduced the logo in color on the marble presentation base to match the blown sculpture.

Many custom designs we create include a customer's brand colors.

Organizations prefer custom art glass so recipients will recognize they are receiving designs created exclusively for them and their organization.

These custom made pieces are on display in boardrooms and private collections throughout the world.

When planning your next recognition event consider the prestige of your organization and that of your recipients.

Custom studio art glass, like no other medium, provides the visual impact and value your investment deserves and that Asian import novelties can't provide.

You'll know you made the right decision when you see your own designs being presented at your next event.

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