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Painted Sands Athena Art Glass Award
Painted Sands Athena
Item No. 2087

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This design is created using glass powders that evoke the soft pastels of Americas western landscapes.

The technique used is similar to the art of Sand Painting practiced by Native Americans.

Americas Navajo are famous for flowing colored sands through their fingers to create 1,000 different traditional designs.

Coloring agents used are minerals, charcoal, corn meal, powdered root, bark and even flower pollen.

The order and symmetry of a painting symbolizes the harmony a patient wishes to establish in their life.

The patient sits on the sand painting while a medicine man performs the healing chant.

Sand paintings are portals that attract spirits which come and go during the ceremony.

Sitting on the sand painting allows the patient to absorb the spiritual power while Holy People absorb the illness and take it away.

During the 12 hour ceremony the sand painting becomes toxic with absorbed illness and is destroyed once it has served it's purpose.

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