SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Aladdin Art Glass Award
Item No. 2095

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A gather of molten glass is pulled from our 2,300 degree crucible and fused with transparent lavender glass.

Small white chips of opaque are added and dragged in a water saturated wood block to add the wisps of smoke.

The now sparkling glass is sheared and twisted into the veils of a Genie rising from his lamp.

A gather of clear cases the Genie and permanently freezes his emergence in time.

This hugely popular design is available in several sizes and includes an engravable marble presentation base.

Aladdin, a Middle-Eastern folk hero, used a Genie (Djinni) to become rich and powerful.

The tale is told in 1001 Nights by French translator, Antoine Galland, who heard it from an Arab Syrian storyteller in 1710.

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