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ASI# 75593

Solar Flare Art Glass Award
Solar Flare
Item No. 2099

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This compelling new design is modeled on a solar flare or prominence.

A citrine orange glass is applied to a gather of clear and fused in an 1,800 degree furnace.

This collection of molten colors is reheated and threaded with a long string of transparent ruby then pressed in an optic mold.

Another reheat is applied before the molten combination is sheared and gathered over with a casing of clear glass.

The design is modeled on solar mass ejections, flowing arches and roiling hot plasma.

Large solar flares release the energy equivalent of
160 Billion Megatons of TNT.

The most powerful flare ever observed occurred on September 1, 1859.

The flare was visible to the naked-eye and produced auroras as far south as Hawaii.

The enormous amount of energy released set telegraph systems on fire.

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