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Van Gogh Athena Art Glass Award
Van Gogh Athena
Item No. 2118

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In 1889 Vincent Van Gogh presented his iconic painting Starry Night to the world.

The painting depicts his impression of the night view outside his sanitarium window and is one of the most recognized images in the world of art.

Lesser known but equally compelling are the studies he painted of wheat fields in the same year.

This design is an interpretation of these compelling images which so profoundly influenced the world of art.

The effect is achieved by gathering aqua blue and teal colored glass chips over a gather of fused white molten glass.

The image is created by carefully applying the glass colors, then tooling them into a facsimile of the iconic painting.

A transparent aqua lip thread applied around the rim completes the design.

The vase can be purchased alone or with an engravable Monterey Marble display base.

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