SAGE# 68738
ASI# 75593

Hydro Custom  Art Glass Award
Hydro Custom
Item No. 2121

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This design offers an example of art glass produced to the brand color and trade specifications of Hydro International.

Click on the brand logo to the left to see the colors we used and the logo sweep pattern which was incorporated into the design.

Custom branded art glass designs enhance the pride of organizational achievement and brand identity.

They also provide real value for the amount invested, something appreciated by recipients and principals alike.

We begin the process by helping the client select design styles and techniques that complement their themes, colors and price objectives.

A series of color compatibility tests are then completed to insure colors do not react unfavorably with each other.

Certain designs also require fusing temperature tests of the colors used to insure compatibility during sculpting.

When complete the client receives the best prototype of each design in the series.

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