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Agate Flame Art Glass Award
Agate Flame
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Making studio agates involves the same chemistry as the gemstones found in nature.

In our effort to capture their essence we use the rarest of these gems as our modeling subjects.

Instead of millions of years, our agates are produced in days enabling us to experiment with the chemistry found
in natures best designs.

The earliest recorded Agates were discovered on the shores of the Achates River in present-day Sicily over 3,000 years ago, but their journey to discovery took
much longer.

36 million years ago super-heated water combined dissolved silica and metallic chemicals that percolated through voids in newly formed rock following volcanic events.

Our glass furnaces imitate these natural processes using the same rare earth metals which we fuse with molten silica at 2,300 degrees.

Careful layering of clear, transparent and opaque colors captures and refracts light within our designs producing effects that imitate nature.

When your sculpture is placed near a window with the sun just above the horizon the effect is fully revealed.

If you need custom blown glass awards or gifts for employee service recognition and appreciate the
value of collectible art glass for key executives.

If you desire USA Made fine art produced by acclaimed artists to represent your organization.

We are an American Art Glass Studio.

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